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Huge Mistake from Bjorn Rebney of Bellator

Just this weekend we saw Eduardo Dantes(14-3), the 135lb Champion of Bellator fight for a charity event in Brazil; the outcome was not so pleasant. Dantes was KO'd in the first round by Tyson Nam (12-4). Now, the problem here is, this loss diminishes the reputation of Bellator's Champions. This is the same reason Dana White put a hault to UFC fighters competing in other organizations. Just go watch the video of Chuck Liddell entering the Pride Middleweight Grand Prix, where he loses to Quinton Jackson. Any fighter can lose in MMA, and it happens. But this is not going to look good for any of your fighters if you are trying to run a reputable MMA organization. 

Here are couple things Bellator is slowed down by when trying to compete with the "UFC EMPIRE":

1. There is no Champions clause. What is that? A champions Clause is objected into play where the champion of an organization must fulfill his duties to defend his title, and cannot abandon his title to sign on to another orgnization, unless he loses his title first. This happened with Hector Lombard, who had ALL sorts of buzz surrounding him with his impressive record and KO power. Lombard vacated his title in Bellator and jumped aboard the UFC ship. What happened? He lost his opening fight in the UFC by SPLIT decision. Why does Bellator need to care? Bellator needs to care because NOW, it makes their middleweight division look weak, and it will take a whole heck of a lot longer to build up a new middleweight champion in Bellator.

2. Bellator puts their Champions up against average fighters in non-title fight situations. They do this because of the tournament format, and at times, there is not a contender in time to challenge the champ. So, instead of their champs laying idle, they throw them in "tune-up" fights to keep them busy. Problem is, at times, those champs lose to these average fighters, and AGAIN, it makes Belattor's best look average and not worth all the hype. Like I said before, Bellator is running a busines, and that means marketing your fighters as the best. They need to do what UFC does and protect their champs by only allowing them to fight top contenders in their organization.

Soultions? Well the first one is easy: GET A CHAMPIONS CLAUSE! Hector still might be fighting in Bellator and defending his belt against TWO reputable contenders who are now in line (Alexander Schlemenko, and Maiquel Falcao). 

The next solution has options. Here's the first option: When Champs are in need of a title fight, instead of fighting non-title fights where they are fighting against average fighters, Bjorn Rebney could give a title shot to a top contender who has a good-looking record. It would give the chance for this contender to snag the title from the champ without going through the tourney. Perfect example. Let's say Michael Chandler needs someone to fight while the tournament is going on. He could eiher fight Shinya Aoki, or he could fight Lloyd Woodard. Both those guys would have the chance to grab the belt from Chandler, and if Chandler loses, it won't look that bad because he lost to a top fighter, even though he loses his belt this way.

Second option would be to hold "Champion vs. Champion" Super-Fights. Here would be an example: Lets say Michael Chandler is waiting for a contender and needs a fight to stay busy, and Ben askren is waitng around as well. Instead of Ben Askren fighting Nick Thompson and Michael Chandler fighting Akihiro Gono, why not have the two fighters fight at a catchweight of 163 pounds. This way, it is a win-win situation. When one of the fighters win, it makes them look that much better, and if they lose, hey, they lost to another champion in the same organization as them. That way, it will not tarnish the fighter and the organization if they lose in a non-title fight or outside the organization. More examples would be: Hector Lombard vs Christian M'pumbu at a catchweight of 195lbs. That way, M'pumbu would not have lost to Travis Wiuff, and instead, he could have fought Lombard. In a situation with Cole Konrad, I would recommend adding a 235 lb div. as well. That way, he could fight the 235lb champ if he needed to. Which he has needed to, because he has only fought 3 times in 2 years, which isn't alot. He is young and in his prime to make a name for himself in the top 10 of the world. 

Hopefully Bjorn can make some changes. I really am a fan of Bellator and do believe they have some of the best fighters in the world.

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Posted on: August 26, 2012 11:22 pm

Fighter's Record

I am always misled when a hyped-up fighter comes into a major promotion with an impressive or undefeated record, and then loses their first fight. I feel fighter's "official" professional record should START being accounted for the moment they start fighting for that major promotion, i.e. UFC, Strikeforce, or Bellator. Here would be a few fighter's "official" big league records.

Jon Jones (10-0)

Rashad Evans (12-2-1)

Lyoto Machida (10-3)

Quinton Jackson (19-9)

Chuck Liddell (18-8)

Randy couture (16-8)

Fedor Emelianenko (15-3)

Jake Shields (6-2)

Dan Henderson (22-8)

Wanderlei Silva (26-11)

Anderson Silva (18-2)

GSP (17-2)

BJ Penn (12-7)

Matt Hughes(18-7)

Nick Diaz (14-5)

Frank Shamrock (7-2)

Cung Le (8-2)

Rich Franklin (14-5)

Vitor Belfort (15-9)

Alistair Overeem (12-7)

Brock Lesnar (4-3)

Cain Velasquez (9-1)

JUnior Dos Santos (9-0)

Ben Henderson (5-0)

Frankie Edgar (9-3)

Jose Aldo (11-0)

Dominick Cruz (9-1)

Chris Weidman (5-0)

Josh Barnett (11-5)

Daniel Cormier (4-0)

Frank Mir (13-6) 

Cro-Cop (20-10)

Big NOG (21-6)

Mark Coleman (15-10)

Mark Kerr (9-4) 

Shinya Aoki (5-2)

Gilbert Melendez (13-1)

Clay Guida (10-8)

Shogun (17-4)

Dan Severn (6-3)

Royce Gracie (12-2)

Carlos Condit (5-1)
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Posted on: August 26, 2012 8:18 pm

New Bellator Lightweight Brackets

Bracket 1:

Marcin Held vs Murad Machaev

Brent Weedman vs E.J. Brooks

Bracket 2:

Lloyed Woodard vs Rad Martinez

Mike Richman vs Dave Jansen 
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Posted on: August 26, 2012 7:57 pm

New Bellator Middleweight Brackets

Bracket 1:

Vyacheslav Vasilevsky vs Jonas Billstein

Vitor Vianna vs Brett cooper

Bracket 2:

Thalez Leites vs Jacob Ortiz

Bruno Santos vs Elias Thodorou 
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Posted on: August 26, 2012 7:27 pm

New Bellator Light Heavyweight Tourney Brackets

Bracket 1:

D.J. Linderman vs Cristiano Kaminishi

King Mo vs Nik Fekete

Bracket 2:  

Kelvin Tiller vs. Raphale Davis

Rasul Magomedov vs Richard hale 
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Posted on: August 23, 2012 3:14 am

What Match-ups are Next to Make in Strikeforce?

Lets just cut to the chase here, no need for an introduction - It's that, or I am just too lazy to give you an intro. Ok, here we go:

In the Lightweight Div. 

Bobby "king" Green vs. Jorge Masvidal will be a title eliminator bout

Winner of Caros Fedor vs. Josh Thomson will fight the winner of Isaac Villa-Flagg vs.Adriano Martins

The loser of Gilbert Melendez vs Pat Healy will face off against KJ Noons

Matt Ricehouse vs. Mizuto Hirota

Billy Evangelista vs Ryan Couture

In the Welterweight Div.

Nate Marquardt vs. Tarec Saffiedine

Bobby Voelker vs Tyron Woodley

Jordan mein vs Jason High

Winner of Jorge Santiago vs Quinn Mulhern will face-off against Roger Bowling

In the Middleweight Div.

Jacare Souza vs Lorenz Larkin will be a title eliminator fight

Roger Gracie vs Tim Kennedy

Robbie Lawler vs Yancy Medeiros

Adlan Amagov vs Derek Brunson

Anthony Smith vs Kieth Jardine (A fight to help build Anthony Smith's name)

A Catchweight Superfight @ 195lbs.

Luke Rockhold vs Gegard Mousasi

In the Light Heavyweight Div.

The Winner of Mike Kyle vs Dion Starring will face off against Gegard Mousasi

The winner of Gian Villante vs Carlos Filho will face off against Ovince St. Preux

In the Heavyweight Div.

Frank Mir vs Daniel Cormier 

Josh Barnett vs Tony Johnson Jr.

Women's weigh classes - Not much there, but 2 BIG fights come to mind.

Cris "Cyborg" Santos vs Rhonda Rousey at 140lb's

Miesha Tate vs Sarah Kauffman II

So, there you have it. Some great fights to be tossed together. Any thoughts on other math-ups in Strikeforce that you would like to see put together, just mention them in the comments below. 

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Posted on: March 27, 2012 5:16 pm
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Bellator's' Idle Title Holders on 'Super-Fights.'

I love the tournamnet format in Bellator, but at times, Bellator's title holders lay idle, waiting for a tournament winner to fight. And becauseof this lay-down time, a title holder is usually put into a tune up fight, to keep them busy, by fighting lesser opponents. This creates NO excitement, and it can be a risk to the brand of Bellator and the title holder if he loses in this "super-fight." You want my suggestion? You know you do; so here it is:

I feel it would be of best interest for Bellator to hold "Champion v. Champion" fights, while the title holders are waiting for a tournament winner in their weight class. The current Champs in Bellator include: Zack makovsky (135lber), Pat Curran (145lber), Michael Chandler (155lber), Ben Askren (170lber), M'Pumbu (205lber), and Coler Konrad (265lber). My suggestion would be to have "Champion v. Champion" catchweight fights, in the process a title holder has NO ONE to fight at the current moment. I would also like to see a 235lb division implimented if bellator would be up for putting on these types of fights.

Here would be some match-ups.

Zack Makovsky vs Pat Curran fighting @ 140lbs

Pat Curran vs Michael Chandler fighting @ 150lbs

Michael Chandler vs Ben Askren fighting @ 162.5lbs or @ 170lbs

Ben Askren vs Hecotor Lombard fighting at 177.5 lbs or @ 180lbs

Hector Lombard vs M'Pumbu fighting at 195 lbs

M'pumbu vs Current 135lb champ at  ANY weight between 206-235lbs. So M'pumbu could weigh in at 215lbs and the current 235lb champ could weigh in at 235lbs.

Current 235lb Champ vs Cole Konrad at ANY weight between 235lbs and 265lbs. Both would most likely weigh in at their respective weights; maybe the 235lb champ would add a few pounds of muscle. 

I believe this strategy would put Bellator at the top, especially with the exposure they are about to get at with SpikeTV. 

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Cody Q's MMA Rankings 4/29/12


1. Junior Dos Santos

2. Alistair Overeem

3. Cain Velasquez

4. Daniel Cormier

5. Josh Barnett

6. Fabricio Werdum

7. Frank Mir

8. Antonio Silva

9.  Mike Russow

10. kole Konrad

Light heavyweights 

1. Jon Jones

2. Dan henderson

3. Rashad Evans

4. Rafael Cavalcante

5. Shogun Rua

6. Lyoto Machida

7. King Mo

8. Ryan Bader

9. Forrest Griffin

10. Gegard Mousasi 


1. Anderson Silva

2. Hector Lombard

3. Luke Rockhold

4. Vitor Belfort

5. Chael Sonnen

6. Mark Munoz

7. Tim Boetsch

8. Alexander Schlemenko

9. Yushin okami

10. Chris Weidman


1. GSP

2. Carlos Condit

3. Nick Diaz

4. Jake Ellenberger

5. johnny hendricks

6. Josh Koscheck

7. Rory McDonald

8. Jake Shields

9. Ben Askren

10. Tyron Woodley


1. Gilbert Melendez

2. Benson Henderson

3. Frankie Edgar

4. Michael Chandler

5. Shinya Aoki

5. Gray Maynard

6. Jim Miller

7. Eddie Alvarez

8. Nate Diaz

9. Anthony Pettis

10. Donald Cerrone


1. Jose Aldo 

2. Hatsu Hioki

3. Chad Mendes

4. Pat Curran

5. Joe Warren

6. Patricio Freire

7. Yuri Alcantara

8. Ricardo Lamas

9. Cub Swanson

10. Robert Peralta


1. Dominick Cruz

2. Zach makovsky

3. Uriah Faber

3. Renan Barao

4. Eduardo Dantes

5. Alexis Vila

6. Brian Bowles

7. Masakatsu Ueda

8. Bibiano Fernandes

9. Scott Jorgenson

10. Rodolfo marques Diniz

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